he’s on the move

The moment I’ve longed for and dreaded all at the same time is here.  The moment I couldn’t wait for and begged not to come is upon me.  Why so dramatic? Josiah can now move across a surface…not super quickly yet, but still he moves.  And so, the training begins.

Not to compare my baby boy to my baby puppy, even though I am…I realize that I now will never be able to let Josi out of my sight when he is free to roam.  I remember that for the first six months of Brinks’ life I never left her alone uncrated.  She had to come to whatever room I was in, and I watched her like a hawk.  The second she touched or licked anything she wasn’t allowed to, I said no-very firmly, sometimes yelling…depending on my level of patience.  But to this day she has never chewed anything but her bones and toys, never eaten a sock or gone through our trash.  Now, I am not saying our dog is perfect- haha- there are many behaviors I did not spend time on; like greeting people at the door.  It’s embarrassing how excited and unglued she becomes… anyway, enough about my dog, back to my son.

I am seeing a parallel in the way I am starting to train my son.  I have to physically stop myself from making barricades sometimes because, even though it may be super time consuming in the beginning I am hoping that by training my child what he can/cannot touch, he is learning expectations.  And while putting pillows in front of our dvd boxes is so nice and easy, or moving the bookshelf might be faster; it’s not showing Josiah what he is expected of him.

This may sound super strict and that’s okay- this is not my soapbox on how I think everyone should raise their children.  This is just me, trying something new that I’ve never done before in my life.  It’s called parenting…still weird to think that I get to do it.  And this is simply my way of beginning to train.

I want to start while it’s simple; while the decisions Josi is making are easy ones because we are building a foundation.  A foundation takes a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of effort and skill and patience.  One doesn’t just show up to a building site, pour concrete and expect to be able to build.  It takes time to create the plans, get the materials, secure a structure for the concrete, mix the stuff, pour, and then wait for it to dry.  Not that I have a clue how to build a house’s foundation, I am just speculating that it takes a lot of work.

And so, right now I am creating plans- reading parenting books for guides and listening to the Holy Spirit a lot.  I am starting to set up a structure and imagine what the end product will look like.  I am praying for abounding patience as this new adventure presents itself; knowing that Jesus is faithful and Josiah is worthy of my time, as much of it as it takes.

So here goes nothin’…or somethin’…or yeah, whatever.


3 responses to “he’s on the move

  1. Good luck! I agree- way better to train him what he is and isn’t allowed to touch, because eventually he’ll be in someone else’s home and they may not have barricades! That being said, I still leave the bathroom door closed so Baden can’t go in there- he learned to throw stuff in the toilet the other day and was trying to flush a washrag! Ah, the adventure.. 🙂

  2. Wisdom, wisdom, and more wisdom. Thank you for the encouragement.

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