baby needs what?

Baby necessities change so fast.  Of course I’m still using many of the things from this newborn list and many from the 5 month list…but since we’re here at almost 8 months now, I’ve added a few more items to my “must have” extravaganza.  I am pretty sure after my third or fourth baby I’ll look back at these posts and roll my eyes at what I thought I couldn’t live without…or should I say, Josiah couldn’t live without.  Oh well.  Here’s my top 5 of the moment:

shopping cart and restaurant seat cover...this thing rocks. I'm all about saving josi from germs, but it's much more helpful for keeping him from sliding out of the leg holes.

best bibs on the planet. adjustable neck size. catches everything. easy rinse off/dishwasher safe.

mr. johnny jump up- josi's favorite place to be. we even packed it w/us to nj and he jumped thru his vaca

space saver high chair...the doesn't take up any space in our small "eat in" kitchen.

long sleeve white onesies. i think i could never have enough of these...he could wear them every day

Sorry so many baby posts…I’ll change it up soon, I promise.

One response to “baby needs what?

  1. you are the cutest woman ever 🙂

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