state of the union

Well…i hope you didn’t think this would actually be about a presidential address.  I actually did happen to flip through the channels and couldn’t miss the “pre-address”  chatter, but turned off the tube before the speech began.

No, I am talking about the state of my union…to my husband…who I miss a lot.  I know, it’s only the first week he’s away but gosh- this new season is going to be hard.  I thought I had planned enough for myself to stay busy this week and be distracted from the empty side of the bed (that brinks has taken over) and the deflated realization I have at 5pm when I notice the garage door isn’t opening and Bart isn’t coming home.

I am tough.  I am independent.  Hear me roar.  haha… yeah right.  It’s actually the evenings that are the hardest- after Josiah goes to bed at 8pm, I should just go with him….just skip the evening all together.  But alas…instead I am sitting on travelocity and mapping out all the trips that Josi and I will accompany our favorite man on. 

That beats watching the real state of the union. 

But if Bart were here, it’d be way better.


One response to “state of the union

  1. Dude, I’m super proud of you for keeping up with the blogging every day! Way to go! Love you sismo!

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