state of emergency

As I sit in my warm cozy home I am wondering what the next few days might hold.  Supposedly Missouri has been declared a state of emergency because of all the ice, snow and storminess headed our way.  Lovely.

So, I spent today preparing- haha…you’ll never guess what I did.  First, I picked up all the dog poopies from both front and backyards.  It has accumulated throughout the last few snows to a giant amount that was rather  disgusting but I was glad it was all frozen.  Second, I bundled up my baby and myself and headed out to the neighborhood CVS to load up on cold remedies for my dear sick husband who actually did go to work today but thankfully is not going tomorrow.  Third, I did all our laundry in case we lose power (which is highly likely) and then I made lots of baby food which in retrospect was dumb if the power goes out because then our fridge won’t work.  Oh well.  Then lastly, I braved our iced deck to trek to the woodpile and retrieve the last of our wood for the fires we will be burning in these next few days of negative temps.

Phew.  All the while, it’s my second day of the Master Cleanse- oh so fun, or not.  But it’s highly worth it and feels so good at the end…my body will be squeaky cleansed…or something like that.  It has actually worked out well, because I did not have to make a grocery store run with the rest of the world- in preparation for (and I quote) “the worst storm of the century.”

Well, we shall see tomorrow if they are right…but in the meantime, I am getting my camera charged in case my neighbor brings out his snow-blower and I catch Brinks doing this…


2 responses to “state of emergency

  1. You make me laugh.
    🙂 I’m calling you tomorrow morning on a status update…. so pick up! ha
    love ya

  2. *that should be FOR a status update… silly me.

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