not so valentiney

I’m not a valentines hater but I’m not a super celebrator of it either.  Back in my teaching days I loved plastering my classroom windows and walls with all sorts of gawdy bright hearts and glittery streamers but now the only thing in my house that remotely whispers cupid is the pink Martha Stewart February issue of Living magazine.  I used to love getting all the big teacher valentines and gobs of chocolate but this year I won’t even be making a valentines mailbox.  Sad.  Oh well.

Bart and I are not big present exchangers.  We’ve kind of sworn it off in a sense…our anniversary present is always something for our house and usually Valentines dinner is homemade by my honey.  But last year we went all out and flew to San Diego for a little getaway… so forget ‘tradition’ … this year calls for take out sushi and a movie I think.

But, back to the gifting.  I thought I’d give you a little history of my valentine gifting- always homemade because it’s just that kind of holiday.  I am hoping Bart doesn’t mind that I am sharing…today I sifted through the box ‘o love to find some of the oldies but goodies.

So, our first valentines day happened just weeks after we started dating and I definitely went overboard but I think I was so excited that I finally had my very own valentine…

I bought a box of coke cards (his fav) and then...

...on one side I wrote the 52 things I liked about him and modge podged the other side with all sorts of random stuff that corresponded.

Our second valentines day gifting was fun because I drew him a picture and then a friend’s mom professionally framed it…which just makes things look much cooler.

I drew 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) as well as adding all the ways he showed me love, according to each verse.

Sadly, our third valentine seems to have gotten lost…as in, I have absolutely no idea what I made or what we did.  It was a very transitional time, we had moved a few months before and Bart started his new job that month.  So, instead, I’ll show you a random gift I made him around that time- uber cheesy.

It's a "you make me feel" wheel...he could spin it and all kinds of endings to the sentence "you make me feel ____" would show up. Can you tell I was an elementary teacher...geez?

I remember by our fourth valentines I felt like giving up.  I was in the depths of creativity drowning when inspiration struck.  A bit random for a vday gift I’ll admit, but it was fun to make nonetheless.

I wrote a book for him entitled "Barty, One Amazing Froggy". Don't ask me why frogs...I don't know.

It ended up being a biography of his life from birth to our wedding day.

my favorite page...

when i fell for him, he really did live in a pink house.

Now, at the end of that book, back in February ’09, I wrote this…

However, the sequel doesn’t exist because we spent Valentines 2010 in Cali…

...with our feet together in this sand.

So…it remains unwritten.  Should I write the sequel?  Please tell me I’m not the only one who makes cheesy things for the love of my life…pretty please.


5 responses to “not so valentiney

  1. I love that picture that you drew for Bart. I’ve tried to do something along the same lines, but I fail every time because it ends up looking like something my preschoolers drew. haha

  2. And you call yourself “not so valentinely?”

  3. Have you seen the mosaic pictures online? You send in your photos and they make a big picture out of it- it looks cool. I was thinking of that for an anniversary gift… Your Valentines are awesome, by the way! 🙂

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