i love…

Sometimes I just like to make lists of what I love for fun.  If you want to read  the first one on this blog from a few years ago go here.  So in honor of Valentines coming up…I thought I’d create a new one.

 I love laughing for no reason.  I love three pillows on my bed when I read and two when I sleep.  I love when Josiah just sits next to me while I am playing on the laptop.  I love fresh olive bread from Whole Foods.  I love my newly dyed eyebrows.  I love the sound of the garage door opening (bc it means Bart is home).  I love fresca.  I love a hot cup of coffee in the morning.  I love my yellow TOMS.  I love to make art.  I love how snuggly my family is- that includes brinks.  I love starbucks caramel macchiato icecream.  I love blank canvases- oh the possibilities.  I love hot steamy long showers.

I have found a few new loves- divine twine and the new Idol judges… my new iphone and greek yogurt on potatoes.  And of course, I love pretty much everything Josiah does, especially his super snuggly tired self.  And I really love how excited he gets when I put on loud music and let him jump around in his jumperoo. 

I love dove chocolate and eating apples cut in odd shapes.  I love packages from my mom.  I love soft fluffy blankets and the typewriter font. I love talking to my sister on the phone (she is the only one!).  I love amazon.com and window shopping for iphone apps.  I love reading the Bible on youversion because I get to check the box when I’m done.  I love being snowed in if my husband is home. 

And my favorite to love… my husband- he’s the easiest person to love in the whole world. And did you notice?   He got me the best valentines present, a week early. 🙂

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