ode to apps

Because I have owned the verizon chocolate (first mint chocolate and then blue ice) phone for more than FIVE years and have said no to every single smart phone that appeared on the market…because my husband rocks and let me get gave me the coolest phone on the planet…and because it’s just too fun…I thought I’d tell you what apps I have downloaded/bought so far- all free or 99 cent ones; in my first week as a verizon iphone owner.  It’s been a gloriously fun-filled week of late nights and ignoring life as it passes by (while I get lost in tetris and the app store).

Apps downloaded so far by me are: Tetris (as addicting as back in the old nintendo days), Boggle (thanks to my sister-in-law I fell in love with this game over new years), Facebook (mostly bc I want to leave status updates that say ‘from my iphone’, Youversion (my Bible reading plan), ibook (even tho I’ll never use it bc the books are expensive), Bump (I can’t wait to meet someone new and “bump” to get their info), Pandora (for all my listening needs), zappos and amazon (because I love their websites) and a plethora of photo apps: Hipstamatic (takes very cool photos), 100 Cameras in 1 (gives pics very interesting looks), Color Splash (another camera one that can isolate color in a photo), and Camera bag.

Apps I am thinking about because they just seem so cool- 138 Sound Effects, iMirror, Glow stick pro (I thought josi would enjoy it!), and Brushes (but that is $4.99- ridiculous!!).  App I won’t download but think is funny…the farting one.

And to close…just a few of my very favorite iphone photos so far.


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  1. YES!!! Thank You!!!

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