adventures of a new mom part 4

Thanks to my friend Sabrina, I was inspired to bring this back.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my confessions- which I decided to rename “adventures”…so I thought it would be the right time to fill you in on the past few months.

* I still only bathe my son once a week.  I have decided that once I aquire a baby shower cap; then more regular baths will commence.

*I went in to get my son up for the morning and pulled the zipper of his sleeper down only to be met by millions of little clearish/white things that looked like salt.  My mind scrambled to last night; thinking of what I fed him, how hot it might have gotten in his room…that he might have sweat so much that his body overproduced and oversecreted salt…or worse…that it came from below his diaper line?!?!  UGH.  He was swimming in this junk.  As I nervously opened the diaper I suddenly realized… um… it was just a diaper malfunction and he was only covered in diaper insides.  Geez.

*I often let the “Baby signing” video replay…but I swear it’s working.  He now does this funny action with his hand when he wants his bottle.  Then I finally watched the video and realized I was doing the sign “drink” all wrong. heheh…

*So, a couple weeks ago Josiah found his loud voice.  He doesn’t use it too often but it’s like he knows just when to do it now. heheh…  Let’s just say he got to make friends with several other “loud” kids in the back corner of church last week and we only lasted one hour out of the four at a seminar I so naively thought Josiah would be quiet for.

*Sometimes I watch other babies crawling around and secretly thank the Lord that my 9 month old only scoots right now…and not even very quickly.

*Although, the other night I put Josi on the ground with some toys and got engrossed in a game on my new phone…only to realize I had forgotten that I left him with free range.  Thankfully I caught him just inches away from Brink’s dog bowls- what a nice little disaster avoided.

*Right now I am in the habit of mixing weird things together for his meals.  This morning was pinto beans, quinoa, green beans and peaches.  Poor kid.

*I am not used to this idea that he will not be doubling his weight every six months now.  I keep thinking I can’t buy bulk diapers in this size because he’ll grow out of them too fast.  And then last week I noticed he’s been in size 4 for several months.  Perhaps I will break down and buy a huge box.

*I have already started planning his first birthday.  You know, the one that isn’t really about the kid and more about the good food for the adults that come?  I figure this may be my one and only chance to make all the decisions about someone else’s birthday party.  I’ll give you a hint- we’re goin western.

*I often stay in bed an extra half hour even though I hear my baby’s voice.  It seems he has gotten used to moaning randomly in the morning when he isn’t even awake yet though, so I figure I’m just giving him some time.  He probably doesn’t like mornings just like his mama.

*I am already salivating over 2T clothing.  It’s like, all of a sudden, boy clothing at that size just gets so much cooler.

*Sometimes I make my dog go over and try to cheer up Josiah before I do.  It’s like a magic trick- because most of the time brinks can make Josi laugh just by walking by.

*I can’t stop day dreaming about this summer and my dream consists of us spending several weeks on the shore- lugging all our beach gear to a nice sandy spot every day and teaching Josiah to love the beach.  But let’s face it, he’s always gonna be tanner than me though.

*I just read that indoor plants are really good for keeping germs away from kiddos.  So, that’s my excuse for buying many this spring.  I haven’t told Bart yet.

*I haven’t cleaned the command center (exersaucer) in over a month.  EW!  I am going to get the lysol right now.  Ok, I did it.  Phew.  That felt good.

*As much as I would love to put my kiddo to bed at 7pm…I really love sleeping in.  So, 8pm is my compromise because so far, that means he sleeps in til 9am and that folks, is lovely.

I think I shall stop now, because the squeaking of the jumperoo has driven me to madness and I must go cuddle my son.


One response to “adventures of a new mom part 4

  1. Love the stories! Miss you!

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