i still love my iphone

I am a dork.  I know.  I am such a nerd.  And I am obsessed.

I have never been a gadget person.  I have never really cared that I don’t own an ipod (unless you count the “mini” I got for free 7 years ago that is now bigger than a full sized ipod these days- and is permanently attached to our treadmill.)  I never even got on the internet with a phone before a few weeks ago.

But now it’s gonna be a tough road to recovery if ever an EMP were to strike us and all communications were lost.  I am reading One Second After which is causing me to lament about the possibilities.

Anyway.  Perhaps one of the best things about having my iphone is that my husband finally wants something I own.  I don’t think that has ever happened in our marriage- ever.  I’ll admit, it’s kinda fun!  Once I handed him my phone to play Angry Birds it was all over.  I went searching for my phone the other night before bed and finally gave up.  Calling to bart to see if perhaps he knew where I had misplaced it, I heard the funniest response.  “Um, it might be in here Krista.  And I might have it in my hand right now…”  playing the dumb bird game- which he is very good at by the way.

So yes, call me a geek; I can take it.  I don’t care.  I bought a really pretty purple case for it last week.  I downloaded another camera app and keep forgetting to use my real camera.  I downloaded words with friends thanks to my cousin and now have continual scrabble games going for days…which I have justified is good for my mind.

This was a really boring post so I think I’ll just go back to playing tetris.


3 responses to “i still love my iphone

  1. krista, what is your words with friends name???

  2. klcrenshaw just call me original…

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