it’s worth it

This time, getting home was kind of an ordeal.

After checking in at the ticket counter and finding out about a delay, we meandered to the airport security line only to be banished because Bart tried this new fangled “smart phone” boarding pass- yeah, they didn’t accept it.

Then we tried again, fumbling all the way through undressing, unpacking, compacting (jackets, shoes, belts, two laptops, carseat, liquids, stroller, etc) only to arrive at the departure screens and find out that our gate number had changed.

Sadly we were forced to re-do the entire process again- albeit much smoother because we had practiced just 10 minutes before…and when we reached our new gate we found out that it had been changed again; this time not just the gate but the entire terminal was different.

Um. so yeah.  I think a lot of “you’ve got to be kidding me, no way, what the heck” comments were being muttered under our breath. All the while our sweet baby boy decides he doesn’t enjoy the stroller so he requires a hip.  Thankfully they did offer a shuttle to the new terminal so we did not have to conquer security a third time…instead we rode dangerously close to incoming planes (just kidding, but it was weird to be 20 feet away from a grounded plane), dodging baggage trucks, barricades, and numerous raindrops.

By the time we reached the international terminal (kinda odd, since we were flying domestically) I was so sweaty I actually broke down and bought deoderent at the newstand and we treated ourselves to Auntie Anne’s pretzels to reward all our troubles.  I was finally able to sit and breathe…and listen to the unending stream of departure calls to amazingly exotic places like Panama and Costa Rica and Rome.  Way to rub it in.

But for once, I wasn’t jealous or longing to jump on one of those last calls, because I was going home.  And I just got to spend a week with my husband instead of home alone…and any amount of air travel curves were worth it, because we got to be together.  I know, pathetically cheesy, but beautifully true.

I’ll work on a post with a few fun pictures of the trip… of course, they are all from my iphone- which by the way, makes airports so much more bearable. 🙂


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