love affair

It’s official.  My son has a love affair with cheerios.  Sure, he’ll open his mouth for the other 100 random things I feed him…but his hand is always searching for a little toasted grain “o” to capture.  I cannot even imagine what he’ll do when I show him honey nut cheerios- but he’ll be a teenager by then, so hopefully it won’t impact him too much. haha

No, but seriously…today, right now in fact, he’s been in his highchair for a good half hour…alone, with his cheerios.  He talks to them, chomps half of them, inspects them deeply and introspectively and then finally sends them to their doom.  Sometimes he takes a couple in each hand and slides them across the tray, pretend “driving” them I think.  He gets really intense when he can’t reach the last few on the very edges and the contortions he puts his body through to finally grasp them are pretty funny.  Yes, I do push them into his reach sometimes but it’s pretty entertaining to watch him try first.  It’s teaching him to work hard, right?

I pretty much cannot believe I’m writing a post about cheerios…has my world really been narrowed down to breakfast cereal?  Geez.  Oh well, it’s okay with me, I’m just sorry you had to read this entire post before you realized the pointlessness of it all.

***this is where a picture of him with his cheerios should be inserted but i’m too lazy***

this post is dedicated to the late, great Cheerio- my first pet- our beloved golden retriever known mostly to us as Cheers. 


2 responses to “love affair

  1. Have you tried him with MultiGrain Cheerios? Baden loves them- tasty and you have different colors! 🙂

  2. MulitGrain are sweetened just a tad- so he’s bound to have an affliction for them. 🙂

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