life as a farrell: iphone style

So, because I have all but abandoned my actual camera these days…I thought I’d share a few iphone camera photos today.  Some random snapshots of our day to day lives.  Josi and I are headed to washington this week- so not to worry, there will be a plethora of pictures coming your way after a stay at my parents house!  Grandma’s gotta fill the Josi scrapbook you know 🙂

pulled out some new socks...size 2t. they are kinda like knee socks on him.

READ ME THIS BOOK MOM. I know it's blurry but this might be one of my alltime favorite pics so far.

sometimes...when i'm tired of zippers and buttons i put one of bart's shirts on him in the morning 😉

another one of my cricut creations...

the seersucker pants i really wanted to get josi for easter...i resisted.

his classic "why are you taking my picture again mom?" face

really odd looking self portrait of looks like i am pulling his air and just ate a red popsicle too.

and he's sleeping in his pod tonite...get him reaquainted with his travel sleeping quarters.

and hoping he'll do this on the plane like last time...


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