back to confessions pt 5.

i think i just like confessions better.  and not liking capitalization today, forgive me.  i’m still on vaca but i wrote this ahead of time so you wouldn’t miss me too much. haha

^the other day josiah was eating a “mum-mum” and it dropped on the ground.  my dog went after it and caught it but i grabbed it out of her mouth…tore off the end that she had slobbered…and handed it back to my son.

^his diaper exploded in the night for the third time last week and i was too tired in the morning to give him a bath, so i just gave him a solid wipe down with diaper wipes.  there were little diaper crystals on his stomach for days.

^i bought a whole digital preschool art class last week…um, my son is 10 months old…a little presumptious maybe

^sometimes i find myself saying “come, come josiah” like i do to my dog. oh dear.

^i bought a travel bed for him, and it comes with a separate self inflatable mattress which i kinda thought was a little bulky- so i figured i try a trip without it and see how he slept.  he slept perfectly, so forget the extra bulk of a mattress or the softness for him.

^a couple weeks ago i had to hold josiah for 45 minutes in the foyer of our church bc he has a tendency to burst into loud babble…my arm literally felt like it was gonna fall off when i finally handed him off. #25 lbs

^i finally bought josi a set of plastic blocks- and realized i shoulda done that a whole lot sooner.  he’s in love.

^i tried to teach josiah how to use a crayon the other day but he just started chewing on it.  JUST KIDDING. i’m not that desperate for him to draw with me.

^i just got baby signing dvd #2 because it teaches please and thank you and i thought that was important for my kiddo to learn asap. hehe  Oh wait, I guess I could teach him that myself.

^i think perhaps one of the reasons my son isn’t crawling yet is because i don’t give him a lot of floor time.  i don’t like the dog hair that accumulates on his entire body in a matter of seconds.

^i continue my tradition of feeding josiah things i detest…new ones include oatmeal and squash

^i really enjoyed going to lunch with a friend during the day without my son tagging along.  it seemed to last so much longer and was so simple when i’m just taking care of myself.


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