my son, the rockstar

***This is an example of an outdated post…we actually have traveled again since this trip last month…so it seemed pointless to publish, but what the heck.***

I use the term rockstar to imply amazing incredible perfect baby skills…notsomuch the musical talent thing.

Even though my baby is a wonderfully easy human being in regular life, I always get nervous when disrupting his little routines and schedule.  But he shined…and I never should have doubted him.

he slept perfectly in his little green pod.

he loved the marriot comfy beds almost as much as I do.

he found a little slice of heaven: his jumperoo in front of a mirror.

he slept on the plane: check out the cute thing he does when he sleeps...three fingers in his mouth and grabs his pinky...oh my cuteness

he got to use his new swim trunks


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