would you rather

Back in highschool I came up with this really fun game that I thought was original…turns out a few years later the actual boxed Hasbro game entitled “Would You Rather?” showed up on shelves- a little fishy I think.

While in the 90’s my idea of interesting would you rather questions consisted of things like ‘would you rather wear a swim suit to school or a sweater in the pool’; I thought perhaps I could try again- now that I’m grown up- or at least, trying out adulthood.

Play if you want…and maybe I’ll reveal my answers in another exciting post by krista.


2 responses to “would you rather

  1. So, um, I actually do have to pee every half hour, which I hope will soon resolve itself in 6 weeks or less 😉 But then, I suppose, I will still be going to the bathroom every half hour or so to change a little baby boy….so, it seems that I am stuck for awhile. I loved this game–thank you for throwing a little fun in my morning 🙂

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