randomology #128

…because many things happen and I can’t put them all together in a coherent blog post gracefully…

-Just had our one and only homestudy update interview with our favorite social worker Nikki 🙂  It was like having coffee with an old friend and I’m so glad it’s her again!

-Had guests for 3 days this week, and I am tired…even though they were very easy.

-Not quite feeling the push to pack for our trip…maybe because the suitcase is still in the hallway from the last venture a week ago.

-Got my hopes up to find out the gender of baby #2, only to hear maybe next week will be the time…

-We haven’t used our AC and it was nice to have windows open the past few days but it’s cold today and i’m enjoying my thick sweats and warm sweatshirt again. 

-I actually planned out dinner meals when I went grocery shopping last week…so far i’ve made tacos, coconut chicken curry, chicken pot pie, mixed berry crisp and brownies…and for tonite- poppyseed chicken.

-I got Josiah a walker thing that he loves but doesn’t actually walk with yet.  But my friend Megs warned me that he has to take a million steps before he actually walks on his own- so we practice daily. hehe

-I am sooo looking forward to 3 1/2 delicious days in Maryland with my wonderfully amazing friend Sabrina who is also a sahm…we have a few years of catching up to do.

-I’ll admit, I did send an email of mothers day gift ideas to my husband…its my first mothers day, what can I say?

-We used our grill yesterday for the first time this season- oh how i love thee.


One response to “randomology #128

  1. Soooooooooooo excited for our visit as well! I truly can’t wait! And also, I have a mental mother’s day list going…it has yet to be disclosed to recepients. 🙂

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