my life at the beach

I had great plans to work on Josi’s online baby book out here on the balcony overlooking the ocean while my baby sleeps (the early wake up was followed by a 9am naptime…currently it’s 1pm and he still has not stirred).  But, I realized I needed something that wouldn’t take away from my constant staring at the ocean…so since i can type without looking (impressed? haha) I thought I’d compose another post.

Honestly, I feel like I could write a book while gazing into the ocean…it’s that magnificiently inspiring to me.  In fact, you might start rolling your eyes if I keep up with the amount of posts that are swimming in my head right now.  But at the moment I thought I’d reflect on how my love for the ocean developed.  I’ll use a bulleted list for ease.

  • I was born in a country that connects two of the largest oceans- pacific and atlantic.  One can drive from the one ocean to the other in 2 hours.  (Panama in case you’re stumped)
  • I grew up in the pacific northwest, with a view of the Puget Sound (almost the ocean).
  • Our yearly summer vacation was a week on the Oregon Coast- spending hours each day on the beach.
  • Most of my summers in college were spent at the same Oregon Coast beach working at a camp…and never a day went by that I didn’t see the ocean.
  • In New Jersey I lived a block from the shore and since that was one of my favorite times in life (mostly because of bart and friends), God and I spent a lot of time talking together on that shore.
  • I got to marry a Jersey boy…who grew up on the beach.
  • We picked up our son at the ocean…does God know me?  How much better can it get?

What’s funny is that my son could be bellowing in agony right now (he’s not, I checked) and I wouldn’t be able to hear him.  The waves are so loud and consuming that everything else is drowned out.  Only a few groups of people smatter (is that a word?) the beach so it’s very peaceful and serene.  The occasional biker or boarder rolls past and I get excited about Josi’s skills someday.  A random dog appears and I think of how much brinks would LOVE the beach. 

I’m trying my best to soak in every single moment and forget where I actually live right now…as if I can pretend that this is my home now- on the 4th floor of a neon color-schemed hotel in Virginia Beach.  And that my beach cruiser is hooked up down on the rail permanently and my beach towels are used for laying on the beach, not laying on my midwest deck. 

Yep, I’m gonna pretend right now.  Today and tomorrow…sunscreen is my scent, swimsuits are my attire and the ocean is my backyard.


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