i’m no helen hunt

When I moved to the midwest 4 years ago, I was fascinated with tornados.  I really wanted to see one; perhaps because I loved the movie “Twister” back in the 90’s- gotta love Helen Hunt.  Not to mention I’d only lived in coastal regions that are not in tornado alley.  

But last night when the weather anchors were advising us to sleep in our basements; my mind changed.  After watching the devastation in Joplin, Missouri; just two hours away from us, I decided my desire to see a tornado was crazy.  I’m no storm chaser. 

What’s funny was my thought processes last night, as I sat on my couch in the dark watching the weather news.  “What would I bring with me?” was my over-arching question…and honestly, the only things on my list were Josi, Bart and Brinks.  So, this morning when the sirens began going off…I looked around and grabbed my phone, computer and Josi and headed to the basement.  Then I ran back to get our “important papers” bin, two jars of babyfood/spoon, rain jacket, bathrobe (what? i know…weird!), and dried apricots.  Yeah, odd right?  Brinks could tell I was nervous but Josi was clueless.  What made me most nervous was the fact that my phone didn’t work consistently.  Then I heard my husband was in the stairwell at his workplace and it made me realize this was for real.

I kept refreshing all my computer screens…twitter was not so helpful… much more terrifying than anything else.  I think if I would have just ignored the internet and played with Josiah the whole time, it wouldn’t have grown so big in my mind.  I had already chosen the pole I would hold onto when the roof left…and decided that my bathrobe would come in handy to cover us.  Geez.

But now I am good.  KCTV5 is a constant in the background.  Josiah is asleep.  And I just used my new $17 George Foreman grill and I think I’m in love with it.  A day in the life of Helen Hunt a stay at home mom.


One response to “i’m no helen hunt

  1. Scary. Glad you guys are okay.

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