really cool tools and tiny baby clothes

I think it’s time for a little random list action again.

a.  Yesterday I pulled out the 0-3 month baby clothes bin and forced bart to look through it with me.  He was a champ and ooo’d and awww’d in all the right places.  And yes, maybe I did bring up a suitcase to start packing those tiny little baby items in…and yes, perhaps it’s a bit early.

b.  I made myself some homemade bruschetta tonite.  delish.

c.  Bart just bought a really cool tool that I can’t remember the name of…but it makes me want to start a project because it can electically sand, make holes, cut and etch things…oh the possibilities.

d.  I have decided that Praise Baby dvds are perfect for morning quiet times…after breakfast Josi goes to the living room to watch his praise music and I sit in the kitchen with my coffee, Bible, and Journal.  Soooo, I went and bought two more PB dvds…a girl baby boy can’t listen to the same worship music every single day.

e.  I walked for an hour on the treadmill yesterday. 

f.  I bought a new water bottle and now I like to use it all the time.  This also means that I have to use the bathroom all the time too.  Lame-o.

g.  I am almost finished with Josiah’s baby book- which will span his first year of life.  It will be a 12×12 Shutterfly photo book complete with 91 pages and counting!  Um, yeah, I’m bad at editing.

h.  The other night I took the cover off my iphone and I am enjoying the sleekness of it again.  I just hope I don’t drop it while I’m admiring the sleek, uncovered  beauty…

i.  My sister’s birthday is this weekend and I am soooo sad I can’t be there for the hike and picnic and chocolate cake.  She is my favorite girl person in the whole world, and I really hope she has a wonderful birthday!!!  I mailed your present today pook, but chose the cheapest option since you won’t  be home until tuesday. hehe

j.  J is for JOSIAH. my main man…the little boy who is turning one next saturday!!  He is learning how to give kisses…presumably might be the cutest lessons ever…and he is repeating laughs now- oh the fun just keeps on coming! 

k.  K is for Krista.  I can’t think of another name I’d want to be called.  I like Krista.  Thanks mom and dad.

l.  Next week I am finally picking up my starter plants to begin the first gardening experience of my life.  Not so sure if I’ll really enjoy it since I’m not so good at ever sticking to something…like watering every day.  hmmmm

m.  M is for midnite…which is still an hour away, but I’m running out of steam.  So therefore, I shall end.

ps. my hubby finally published another post…so check out .over on my side bar 🙂


4 responses to “really cool tools and tiny baby clothes

  1. A. AMAZING job on the treadmill! B. BABY boy clothes are so precious, fun, exciting….oooh…I’M so excited! C. CAN’T wait to see how the garden goes and grows…and of course, Josiah’s FIRST birthday!

  2. it’s a Dremel honey, a Dremel 4000 to be exact 😉 man tools turned woman tools, oh boy 🙂

  3. Oh, thanks Bart. I was going to suggest a Dremel, but you beat me to it!! Having fun creating, Krista!

  4. I meant have, fun…

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