happy birthday josiah henry

Dear Josiah Henry,

It’s your birthday!  You are one.  Can you believe it?  Because sometimes I cannot.  I mean, you’re big enough to be a two year old, but in my heart you are still my tiny little baby boy.  Your birth was one of the single most important days of my life and at times, I bring myself back to that adrenaline pumping 20 hour car ride to Florida…and I get chills.

When I held you for the first time, I don’t think I truly believed you would be mine.  I hoped and dreamed and prayed for you so much.  I bought so many outfits and diapers and blankets…I couldn’t wait for you to be mine.  And if I would have known the one year old you back then, the tears would have flowed all the more.

You are the most joy I’ve ever known, besides Jesus and your daddy of course.  The way you push your head to your shoulder and pull a little grin from the corner of your mouth, or the way your head pops up in your crib after a long sleep…almost everything you do makes me smile.

Josi, you are so patient with me as I learn how to be your mommy.  You are so kind to me even when I’m not ready to be awake for the day.  You are so obedient and relaxed.  You bring so much joy to our family and to others.  I cannot wait to see you join the big brother ranks- because you’re going to be so good at it.

I’m going to share with you something that God told me a few weeks ago- about you; and how I can be the very best mama to you.

“He is a good boy.  He has an innate desire to please you, to make you happy.  Be wise in this, do not squander it.  He is inquisitive and adventurous; foster this, don’t stop it.  Let him just be, often…he is discovering.  And I have created him to be a discoverer- one who looks and sees intricately- what other people do not see.  Give him ample time to wonder and be on his own…in this place I will teach him.”

And so my prayer on your birthday is that I will listen to our Father and love you well in this next year of your life.  And I pray that you would know your heavenly Father’s love even more than you know your dada’s love.  I love you, my son.

Happy first Birthday.

love you a million cute little kisses,

mamamamamamama (thanks for saying my name now)


3 responses to “happy birthday josiah henry

  1. Happy Birthday Josiah

  2. happy tears for you and for josiah- that you found each other and the amazing family you are. sending love to you three on this special day xo

  3. Anne L. Swenson

    Happy Birthday, little Josiah!!! Looking forward to celebrating many with you! Love you…Grandma and Grandpa

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