out with the old…

out with “rear facing” carseats, in with front facing

out with josi’s crazy hair, in with a short, much older lookin kid

out with the patchy dirt spot in the backyard, in with the blow up pool

out with josi’s age in months, in with “one year old”

Out with formula, in with organic milk

Out with the nice springy kc weather, in with blazing 100 degree heat

So, this last weekend was Josiah’s small first birthday party.  Afterwards I realized he didn’t laugh at all and barely smile through the entire time.  He wasn’t sad, just not overtly excited- like his mom :).  I realized that he feels most comfortable with only a small number of people around…and sometimes even then doesn’t show his true funny colors.  I am curious to see how this develops into his childhood…it’s fun to discover your own kiddo.

We also bit the bullet and cut his hair yesterday.  It needed to be done.  We were never good at brushing it out and even though I loved the look; we needed a fresh start.  We planned on buzzing it; but couldn’t get the blade through his tight curls, so we ended up just using scissors.  It was pretty fun actually…bart and I both went at it…very entertaining.  That kid has more hair than both of us combined.  Amazing.  And when I walked into his room this morning, I was a little shocked.  He looks so different!  All of a sudden, he looks like a 2 year old- ah!  He’s still my cutey; just takes a little getting used to.  It’ll be great for the pool this summer though- as I type this I keep staring at him. ha!

I will post party pics soon…for now, I think it’s time to head out to the backyard and put Josi in his new swing :).


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