study the monkey

I just spent the last 8 minutes staring at my son.  He has been very intently studying his stuffed monkey.  And by studying, I mean, pulling at each part, twisting his little head around to peer into the monkey’s eyes, twirling the tail in all directions, and turning this little animal over and over and over.  It was a moment I wished I had on video but alas, my phone was nowhere near me and I was afraid if I moved, I would distract him from this intense random moment of discovery. 

It’s not like this monkey is new.  Josiah has seen it many times.  But it was like he desperately needed to know every little detail about it.  And as I sat mesmorized by my son, I quickly asked God what He was saying.  I just heard a little whisper saying “Krista, see how he is studying this monkey?  That is how you need to study him, your precious son.”

I remember a few years ago when someone wise once told me- “be a student of your husband”.  They explained that getting to know what they like and don’t like, how they interact at different times, what makes them laugh or cry…these are important things to know about your spouse.  And continue studying them forever; because as often as seasons change, so do people.  Of course, some things stay constant…such as my husband’s love of backscratches and hatred of tickling; but many things change- and I often catch myself responding to “the old bart” instead of realizing he has changed. 

Anyway, so back to my child.  One of my biggest goals in parenthood is to treat each of my children as individuals.  I do not want to compare them in negative ways or put expectations on one of them simply because the other succeeded in the same area.  Instead, I want to constantly be asking the Lord who they are, what makes them tick, and what I can do to encourage them in this journey.  I know I am bound to make mistakes in this, because let’s face it- I’m human.  However, my prayer is that studying these most precious people will propel me to love them in meaningful ways and show me the secrets of their heart.

So, with that, I shall go study my little bear.  Oh wait, he’s asleep.  So never mind.  Here’s a few pics from the last 2 weeks.

josi's first birthday


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  1. Love that! Thanks for the reminder!

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