i ♥ nyc

To be completely honest, I don’t ♥ NYC, never owned a single piece of clothing or sticker that displayed this sentiment…but it’s not that I don’t like NYC.  When I lived 45 minutes away from the big apple, I did frequent it pretty regularly and enjoyed the excursions.  It was the place that every person who visited me wanted to see; rightfully so, it’s spectactular and like no other place on earth.  But new york city is definely a day trip and nothing else in my opinion.  The best day trip being the one where my sister and I took the ferry over and saw “Wicked” on Broadway for her 21st birthday.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Anyway- you might be wondering why there is a picture of a green mug with the very emblem I claim as not true, on this post.  Well, see, this mug actually means waaaaay more than anything it says.  As many of you know, my husband travels a lot for his job, and while I do travel with him often- this month has been a dry spell for Josi and me in the flying department.  And Bart knows that one of the ways I feel loved is by gifts…which he often wrestles with because he doesn’t know what to get me and/or he doesn’t want to spend $ on something dumb.  BUT he finally did…and i loved it!!!!!!

If you know me, you know I’m not a trinkety person.  And I am not a fan of touristy stuff like magnets and mugs and tshirts that scream stuff to the effect of ‘I’m not a local’.  However, when Bart pulled this green apple colored mug from his tiny carry-on last week, I got the biggest  grin on my face!  I am pretty sure it could have been a plastic troll cup with handles that doubled as ears and I would have been psyched!!  Why you might ask? 

Because that silly $4.99 nyc mug meant he was thinking of me.  And now when I use it every morning- I am reminded that he loves me.  It’s that simple.  I actually think the mug is pretty cute and thankfully got over my “every mug needs to match” phobia a few years back, so I plan on using it every single morning. 

So thanks babydoll, for my sweet mug.  I love you and I know you love me too.

ps.  Just had to add that the other “best gift giver” in my life is my mom.  She rocks!!!


3 responses to “i ♥ nyc

  1. I LOVE how grateful you always all for the little things, because it’s almost ALWAYS more about the thought than the actual gift. (almost because sometimes you like nice gifts and rightfully so 😉 ). I love you babydoll

  2. That was the greatest trip!!! And I loved how we were both like- let’s get out of this city! Haha
    And mom is the awesomest gift giver- she has something for you that us really fun! 😉

  3. I’ll second that……..she is always just spot on. She’s gotten me some of the best cat stuff I have and we all know how she feels about cats. The “big apple” doesn’t fall far from the tree………..

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