down by the stream…

…of consciousness.

Since my dog sat on me this morning to wake me up- and a little early I might add, I think I’m entitled to a random blog post about nothing.

I fear that one of my son’s first words is going to be “coffee”.  Not because he has ever tasted it, but because I’m always telling him, every morning, “ok, jos now mommy needs her coffee” shhhhhhh. 🙂

What’s the deal with everyone’s sudden obsession with smores?  I mean, people, the combo has been around forever…why is it that all of a sudden everyone thinks they are coming up with the most unique cake or cookie ever- when it’s just a smore?  *don’t get me wrong, i love a good campfire smore…in fact, one summer in college I ate them every week because it was my job.*

I figured out this week that my son is not indeed *tired* of cheerios…he just doesn’t like stale ones. Ha!  Picky little pooper.  Actually I shouldn’t complain about that, I mean, who wants to eat chewy oat circles?  He likes the crunch, that’s my boy.

I bought my first tiny baby boy thing for dos this week.  I can hardly believe he will be small enough to fit into it.  (it’s pajamas if anyone’s wondering)

Being a pool owner is hard work.  I always heard people say that…but until now, I never believed it.  That thing has to be cleaned out all the time!!  Yes, it’s just a blow up pool but it’s big. 🙂

I broke down and gave in to a trend that I never understood.  It’s the sleeveless “cardigan” dealios…usually in flowly material…looks like a vest but it doesn’t button and just hangs… you know.  I always thought they were pointless, but now, I own one.

Sometimes I wonder what my son thinks about the small black thing that is in my hand so often.  Does he wonder why I look at it all the time, laugh sometimes at it, talk to it, watch it…but yet, then he’s not allowed near it… I wonder when the amazingness of the iphone will be grasped by my one year old.

Wanna know something annoying?  I have this great pot of herbs that my friend brought to me…and the biggest, overpowering herb in there continues to be sage.  I don’t use sage much.  Why can’t the basil get bigger…or why can’t the sage stop shading the cilantro- because i like that stuff now!?

I am going to attempt my first cake pops this week- except I’m using brownies and they won’t be on sticks…so I suppose I should call them brownie balls- that just doesn’t sound very appetizing.  I learned how to make toffee- so I am mixing brownies with creamy toffee and then dipping them in chocolate and dusting them with heath bar bits. 

Today is a monumental day.  I think I am gonna feed Jos his first piece of pizza. 

Okay, I need to stop so I can get ready to head across the street for a park date.  And sorry brinks, you sat on me this morning so you’re banished from going with us…oh no wait, you get way too excited around people at the park and scare them…that’s why you can’t go with us.


One response to “down by the stream…

  1. Hehehe 🙂 love you duder!

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