lady brinkerton

she still loves cuddling...anyone!!!

but especially her daddy...

she has learned to pose well

and enjoys crowding me out of the bed when she finds that i'm sleeping in a ball. please note: she does not sleep in our bed normally

Last month at Josiah’s birthday party as I watched Brinks play with a 2 year old kiddo running around, I got very excited!  I can’t wait to see Brinks run after Josi soon.  It’s your birthday Brinksies…you’re 2- and bart says that means you’re a teenager.  So I say-  you’re the best teenager ever. We still love you the mostest, as far as animals go.  You’re still our little weirdo- or giant weirdo I should say, who begs for kisses and seeks out Burts Bees chapstick anytime it’s applied.  You are the funnest lab in the world.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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