go time. just kidding.

It was go time. 

Only a handful of people knew that we flew to Florida this last week.  We got a call from our birthmom on Tuesday saying she was going into labor that day so we got on planes from our prospective locations (bart was near Philly and I was in Kc) and met up in Jacksonville at the day’s end.   

I found myself often repeating the truth “God’s timing is perfect” but sometimes I doubt it.  Pretty lame in the grand scheme of life to question God’s timing- as if I have a better idea of what would work well.  His ways are not my ways.  The past few days spent in FL were testing and trying.  We didn’t want to waste this special time alone with each other, but at the same time, we were nervous and anxious about what would transpire.  Plus, this was the first time I’d been away from Josiah for more than a day- and alas, I am not as tough as I once thought.  I missed him so bad it physically hurt one night.  I felt sick. 

It’s kind of funny that I could hardly contain my excitement when we decided to fly back home- when it looked like labor wasn’t happening anytime soon, even though I should have been devastated.  It meant that I could hold Josi in my arms sooner.  The “missing my child” ache is something I’ve never experienced and I am not a fan.  And it was rather sad to know that my parents, who graciously flew in to take care of their grandson, were at my house without me- since they live so far away in the first place.  So returning home to the familiar was exciting and it did help that we got to fly first class.  🙂

So, God’s ways are perfect.  We did get to go to the beach twice.  We did sleep in every day and spent some quality time alone.  We did get to leave most of the baby stuff there so we didn’t have to cart it all back with us.  We did use mostly airline miles and hotel points and rental car freebies… and best of all, I realized that bringing Josiah with us next time will be worth all the hassles and overwhelming thoughts I’ve ever had surrounding flying with two lap children- one being a newborn and one who is quite fond of moving these days. 

Yes.  It’s all worth it.  And so, it was go time but now it’s not.  Our little baby boy wants to keep on cooking…and that is fine by us.  I am enjoying a nice mini vacation with my parents for now at home.  Who knows about tomorrow.


One response to “go time. just kidding.

  1. I like. God’s gottaa good plan in mind!

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