dear josiah

**written last week**

Hey little buddy.  This is probably the hardest monthly letter I’ve ever written to you…because I’m not with you right now.  I’m in Florida, waiting for your little brother to arrive and it looks like either it will take a few more days or a few more weeks.  The weird part about this is, instead of being uber-bummed that we have to fly all the way back home without a little baby, I am beyond excited to see you again.  The only time I ever teared up while packing and gearing up for the trip was when I caught a glimpse of you…and I knew I wouldn’t see you for awhile.

I thought I would be that mom that didn’t mind being away from her babies…and up until now, I really haven’t had the opportunity to try it for more than a day.  Apparently, I’m not so good at it.  I miss you like crazy.  It’s only been 3 days.  We face-timed today and I just wanted to jump through the phone to grab you and hold you close.  Your smile was so big and your laughter so awesome…I just miss my little boy.  I didn’t realize how much you fill up my day until I don’t have to you around.  It makes me wonder what the heck my life was like before you.

I am super thankful that you’re getting special time with Grandpa and Grandma, because I want you guys to…but I can’t help feeling jealous- I think it’s a good jealousy.  Why can’t I be there with you?  I thought this was the best situation…and I’m not worried about you at all- because I know you’re in good hands; I just want us to be together. 

You really do light up my life Josi bear…your daddy and I have talked about you while we’ve been down here and really miss our bubber doodles.  We know you’re having the time of your life- getting so much love and attention and play time and probably not even realizing we’re gone. 

**written today**

But now we’re back together again!  And if the only reason we were supposed to return home was to see your first steps, then it’s worth it!  That’s right, 3 days before your 14 monthaversary you started walking.  And two days later you’re going strong.  Ohhhh I love it!  Way to go buddy!!!

It’s good to be back.  Your smile makes my day.  Oh, and another monumental occasion happened…you got your first skater shoes today- compliments of grandpa.  He got you shoes on his birthday.  What a nice grandpa you have. 🙂

your pathetically overly- sentimental,

mommy dearest


One response to “dear josiah

  1. You make me smile!

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