shopaholics anonymous

Okay, this is the time of year where blog o’ krista gets a little random.  Just kidding- I don’t have a specific time of year for that…it kind of just happens.  I think I’m trying to distract myself from the upcoming “life changing” event that is about to occur- any day now I will become a mother of two and cease blogging probably…or rather, my posts will just become incoherent ramblings.

So, I thought I’d begin the meaninglessness now… I figured it might be fun to list the places I love to online shop.  Now, for the most part, thanks to a budget and yucky stuff like that, I “virtual window shop”, which is best described as filling my cart and then shutting off my computer before I press the “purchase” button.  So, here are my favorites, in no particular order.  This website is filled with shoes, clothing, bags, accessories and a miriad of other things but the reason I love this site is because it provides FREE shipping- for returns too!  This is a plus especially when buying clothing, ya know? ( is their sister store, with deep discounts and cute stuff too!)  I am pretty sure I should sign up for the prime credit card on amazon and I’d have a bajillion free points- if they even do such a thing.  I get everything from k-cups, baby items, books, fabric…really anything! 

Baby  I am actually not much of a fan of the Gap, except for kids clothing.  I adore their clothing- it’s one of the only places I can find simple NOT tacky baby boy clothes.  And since I’m picky, that’s important.  I call this website the “ebay” of crafters…except there is not bidding, so it’s not like that.  But it is a million different artists displaying their items- I’ve gotten stickers, cool prints, washi tape, fabric and most recently, a kindle case on etsy.  It’s really fun but very overwhelming.

I am too tired to list any more right now, but will be happy to oblige a “part two” if anyone is interested.  over and out.


One response to “shopaholics anonymous

  1. I am always interested to hear your thoughts, Krista Joy! Over and out.

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