smash it

“I’m gonna smash this” is new vocabulary to me.  My husband now rolls his eyes when I say this, chuckling.  My sister and mom smile knowingly when they hear those words.  What do you mean, you might be thinking?

Heard of the new craze?  I call it “old-school scrapbooking”- in other words, take away all the fancy cutters and layouts and hours upon hours spent organizing and designing to finally glue 4 pictures on a page with some writing- and instead, just “smash it”.  Someone very smart realized that there are people like me out there, who don’t scrapbook anymore because they don’t live near their mothers (aka: free scrapbook store owner) and thus, have been relegated to online photo books and stuffing cute memorabilia into random drawers.  But NOW, while I still plan on continueing my online photo books, I now have a place to put all the adorable little stuff I would normally keep in a box for twenty years before throwing out.  (**just a note: even if you are a scrapbooker, this craze is for you)

Huh?  You might be lost.  Ok, so imagine a book- K & Company has created several different kinds, that offers fun ways to glue/tape stuff into it…with or without a theme.  Yes, you could make your own smash book, but these are pretty cheap ($12.99), especially when you have the best mom :), and come with a cool “smash pen” that is a glue stick on one end and pen on the other.  I know, you might be thinking, is this a teenage girl talking right now?  What’s funny is that when I first saw this craze, it reminded me what me as a teen.  I would have gone through ten smash books in highschool…and gosh, it’d be fun to see them now.

So, what do you, adult krista, smash?  Anything…everything…my most recent smashes have included Josi’s first coloring page- from jackstack bbq, a label from my favorite chocolates brought to me from cali- along with a picture of my dear friend who gave me said chocolates, an old wedding photo I found in the junk drawer with a cool sticker I couldn’t ever part with, a sweet card my sister made/sent, Josiah’s dried booger- JUST KIDDING.  I do, however, have a curl from his first haircut saved in a little bag to smash 🙂  Yes, I am that mom.

Anyway…for their cheesy video- CLICK HERE and I promise you’ll probably think, aw, geez…I don’t need their book or their stuff to “smash”  stuff…you’re right.  But, I just can’t get over the cuteness of all the Smash material- so, for now, they’ve got me hooked.  And you might say, “I don’t have time for that” OR the classic line “I’m just not creative”.  PSHAW.  It takes 2 seconds to tape something onto a page and zero creativity as well.

I’ll leave you with some picts of a few of my smash pages…which are almost all only “half done”…it’s a work-in-progress.

my page of quotes...

they have cute envelopes to add to your books

a log of josi's special dates

pile of stuff to smash 🙂


6 responses to “smash it

  1. oh i like it! i think I could do this!

  2. just had a thought…or maybe I could pay you to do this for me one day?? haha or trade photos!

  3. Um I love this idea!!! I’m totally going to get one for this year!!! 🙂

  4. I love it!! And totally agree- anyone can do it!!

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