freeze the moment

I can’t help but revel in these last days of being a mother to just one.

I wish I could capture these moments in a bottle for my little boy to remember when he is older, but I think it’ll be all right, because I’ll remember them.

I purposely try and grab extra hugs; as sort of a “storing up” for when another little farrell baby will need a lot of attention.  And even though I am so excited and thrilled to be growing as a family, sometimes, I just want to freeze the moment…

…the moment when bart and I are both snuggling Jos so much he doesn’t even know what to do but smile.

…the moment that all our attention is on Jos because he’s dancing, to the beat of his own drum- and daddy’s song.

…the moment he throws up his signature cheesy grin matched with a darth vader-esque sound coming from his nose.

…the moment he just cuddles into my chest, puts his three fingers in his mouth and just stares at me.

…the moment when I walk into his bedroom in the morning and he actually cheers.

Gosh, I love this kid.

It’s the little moments that remind me how much God loves me; that the adoration I feel towards Jos is just a fraction of the overwhelming love my Father has for me.

Gosh, I love HIM.


One response to “freeze the moment

  1. and I love you both 🙂

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