back to school

It’s such a part of me, I can’t help it. 

As the internet seems inundated with ideas for school lunches and the best back-to-school gear, I find myself getting caught up in the rush, the feeling that “back to school” has always meant for me…until just a year ago.  The fall was always a new beginning, a fresh start- that showed itself so obviously in school settings.  I’ve been going back to school, for almost 25 years.  For the majority of those years, I was the student.  But after college ended, I became the teacher.  It was glorious.  And now…I can’t help but dream about the final side of the spectrum… school as a parent.

Sure, there are most days when I kind of forget that my child will be going to school in 4 years…but then when I see all the funky notebooks and big tacky erasers on sale at target, and my mind wanders.  I can’t wait to leave notes for my kids in their lunchboxes and write on their food with edible markers (yep, I’m that cheesy, heck, I used to do it a lot on my husband’s sammies). 

And I can’t wait to spoil their teachers too.  I think it’ll be fun to be on the other side of my favorite profession.  I hope I remember how to model my behavior after my favorite parentals of students in the past. 

I can’t wait to frame some of the random art projects they bring home and look at their homework…how weird to be checking my own son’s homework, after grading a hundred other kid’s work in the past?!  Oh…the world of after school snacks and school picture day…I’ve missed you, okay, I’ve never liked getting my picture taken, but I’ll love seeing my kiddos memorialized in gawdy bright backgrounds and cheesy grins. 

Gosh.  I know.  You’re thinking, it can wait.  Take each moment Krista, and don’t wish this precious time away.  Don’t worry.  I’m not wishing it away.  I’m a dreamer, remember?  I just like to think about other stuff once in a while, because somehow it gives me perspective.  It gives me the nudge I need, to sit down one more time with my son, and read the board books I have memorized…and build that block tower again, even though it always gets knocked down.  That’s the beauty of the future if it’s dreamed about right…

…it brings you back to the present, to show you the good that is right before your eyes, the precious moments that won’t last forever.


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