remembering is my favorite

There are moments of this week that I want to remember forever and of course, moments I’d like to forget.  It’s better if I record them now…while they are fresh.  We are required to stay in Florida because of the adoption paperwork, so it’s hotel living at its best. 

remember: The moment we landed in Jacksonville, when I turned on my phone and waited to hear if our son had been born…the picture texts turned up soon after…he was here!

forget: This morning when I went to change Regan’s diaper, and the infamous never-ending poopies that you think are done but aren’t…over and over and over…um, 4 diapers later, he was finally done. Ha! 

remember: The sweet time we had with Josiah and his birthmom, the night we arrived in Florida, before we met Regan.  It was the first time she’d seen him since he was 3 days old.

forget:  Going back to formula…alas.

remember: The tricks that bart has already taught me about what Regan likes…hair stroking and saving a little extra formula at the end of the bottle for after burping and diaper changing.  precious. 

forget:  Our first newborn doctor appointment that last two hours…and who would have thought 3 diapers would not get us through?  I actually considered fitting regan with one of josi’s diapers…except it would have covered his entire body. 🙂

remember:  When we arrived at our hotel with TWO sons and began the ritual that I think will continue for a long time… “which one do you want to get?” (out of the car) LOVE IT.

forget:  The 8 hours when I thought we’d have to downgrade to a smaller hotel room, not to mention moving to it.  But through a miracle, God let us stay in the same large room.  Phew!

remember:  The first moment Josiah really fully noticed Regan and stood next to him for a long time, cooing and smiling and petting his head.  Precious, the sweetest ever.

forget:  The time I spilled my coffee on my shirt in the car and cried over it…sure, I know it had more to do with the sleepless night but aw geez…bart sweetly refrained from being shocked.

remember:  Our last delicious dinner out as a family of three- to the California Pizza Kitchen and our first tasty dinner out as a family of four- at The Cheesecake Factory.

forget: The 1 am fire alarm at our hotel, Regan’s first night with us.  We sat outside for over 30 minutes…lovely.  Both kiddos handled it much better than we did. 

remember:  Picking up Josiah out of his bed the next morning after spending the first night with Regan…Josiah is my big boy now, not my baby bear-  he seemed soooo big and mature. 

forget:  The mess of living out of suitcases in a hotel room with a newborn and a toddler for more than a week…ewwww.

remember:  The precious never-forget time we had with our boys’ birthmom and her daughter at the lawyer’s office.  All three of her babies together, in one place for the first time.  It was sweet and so special.

forget: A few random projectile vomits…rather, “spit ups”.

remember:  The wonderful invention of the baby nightgown.  It makes changing diapers in the wee hours of the morning…or all day long…much easier.

forget:  Watching Josiah squish food deep into the hotel carpet and then proceeding to put it in his mouth to eat.  Gross.

remember:  Trying to figure out how far a newborn can see…and positioning my face so close to Regan’s head that he probably wonders what monster is in his face.

forget:  Setting off the fire alarm in our room cooking pierogies.  Don’t worry, I got it to stop. 

remember:  Although I’d like to forget the amount of tv we watched at night, it will be fun to remember Josi saying his version of the word “dog” every time he saw a doggie commercial and the way he’d break out in dance whenever he heard a beat from the tv.


5 responses to “remembering is my favorite

  1. LOVE it!! So sweet to read through this and picture it all…can’t wait to see the big brother with his new little brother! We love you guys! 🙂

  2. I see an amazing scrapbook layout coming!

  3. I love this! Keep the posts coming!! Can’t wait for you guys to get home!

  4. My favorites: 1) Realizing that Josiah is a “big boy” now and, 2) Bart reminding you of the “tricks.” Precious.

  5. Gosh, Krista, you made me cry. : )

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