the difference

As I walked into Babysrus today to wander the aisles and waste time, I was reminded of the day last year when I marched myself into the same store, head held high…I had become a mother that day.  It was like, on that day, I had finally belonged in that store. 

How different I felt walking in to the same store down here in Florida, today.  I was once again reminded how over-priced everything in that facility is…I kept thinking “I can find that cheaper” and kicking myself that I wasn’t carrying a store coupon. 

Not to say baby stores don’t have the same allure…I suppose they do at the right moment, if I’m in the mood.  Perhaps it’s because I just began my collection of baby items last year, that it all seems so fresh in my mind.  I did buy a baby blanket today, even though we have several.  I decided one difference between our boys is that Regan spits up…therefore, his blankets don’t stay clean.  And I know my laundry tendencies enough to know that if I didn’t aquire a few more blankets, our little newborn would be wrapped in soiled cloth way too often.

The euphoria of becoming a parent for the first time is unique I think, one of a kind.  Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond ecstatic that we are parents of another beautiful boy- but reality set in for me a lot quicker.  I adore the snuggly tiny body laying on me but then I remember another kiddo who needs to eat.  I sink in to bed for a good 6 hour stretch before my “shift” in the early morning, only to be woken by a poor little sniffling Josi-bear who can’t seem to get comfortable.  Cute newborn outfits give way to nightgowns, because they make diaper changing easier.  I am pretty sure it’s compounded by the fact that we are itching to be home; it’s already been over a week of living in a hotel room plus Josi has come down with a lovely cold that hinders his steller sleeping skills.  Darn it.

But the awe is here.  I am staring at my new son right now as I type and tears are welling up…at the goodness of God who entrusted us with this precious life.  Gosh.  We are so blessed.  And on the plus side, I don’t have to do dishes, laundry, or garbage.  Life is good.


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