Dear Josiah

Hey big boy,

Happy 15 monthaversary!  We got you a gift…called little brother.  His name is Regan, even though you might think it’s Gentle right now- and while he seems pretty lazy these days, he’s gonna be even more entertaining than your doggie soon.  You are a big bro now.  Can you believe it? 

Gosh, you have grown up so much in the last month!  You walk like a champ now…my favorite is when you learned you could go backwards.  You did it cautiously at first, so when you ran into things it wouldn’t hurt- smart boy.  And you dance like a rockstar.  You make us laugh sooooo much, and it’s super fun to watch you acquire new skills.

I love that your third word is “dog”, or “diita” we think…you seem to change it up depending on your mood so I’m not sure you’ve settled on the final translation either.  I am sorry you just had your first ear infection…what a sad day buddy.  I just wanted to take the pain away from you because I know how much those hurt.

I loved when you fell asleep in my lap in the miniature express plane we flew back home.  After almost 2 weeks of having a tiny baby fall asleep in my lap, I relished the sweetness of having my 27 lb son (you just got weighed at the dr yesterday and haven’t gained anything since your one year apt- unreal!) sleeping in my arms.  Your lips were slightly open and I watched your chest rise and fall as I thanked God for the amazing gift you are.  I love your sweetness- your tender, tight hugs that you are learning to give and the way you gently play with my hair and my nose and my freckles. 

I am blessed to call you my son.  I couldn’t even imagine a more amazing older brother for Regan.  He’ll know it someday- he’s got it good, sooo good.

Love you a million half-eaten books,



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