my boys have wings

One of the biggest reasons we drove to Florida for our first adoption was because I was deathly afraid of flying with a newborn.  My fears had nothing to do with the actual flying or germs or security checks…no, nothing like that.  Actually I was scared that, as a new mom, I would be holding the baby that wouldn’t stop crying and I’d be helplessly trapped in a small metal tube with lots of angry people and frayed nerves.  Yes, I realize this is a bit dramatized…but it was that scenario in my head that led me to beg Bart to make the drive, instead of rely on airlines. 

Well, this time around- with the 40 hours+ roundtrip car ride burned fresh in our memories- there was no contest.  We were flying.   And all my fears about flying with a newborn melted away…Regan was perfect and waaaay easier to sit with than his 27 pound brother.  Don’t get me wrong, Jos is an incredible flyer and it’s pretty cute that he always gets complimented on his “flying skills” but it’s just getting harder to be comfortable with him on our laps.

this was taken on the way down to FL...he got his own seat 🙂

Did you know you can’t sit in the same row as someone else with a lap child?  Funny how it’s the time I most wanted to be sitting near my husband.  But it worked out.  It was endearing the amount of people who tried to switch seats with us only to not understand that we actually were not allowed to sit together.  We did end up near one another, so we were able to switch kiddos halfway through each flight.  And talk about a stark contrast between how I could relax and read my kindle while holding Regan, but had to engage in a full time entertaining routine with Josiah.

However, the precious moment came on the last plane ride, sitting in the single seat of the very last row…it was completely dark and I somehow willed Jos to fall asleep in my arms.  He doesn’t really fit across my lap anymore, but I made it work.  My hand tingled as it entered a numb state, though the feeling of remembering that my big Josi bear was still my sweet little boy made everything worth it. 

So the moral of the story is: when faced with the dilemna of whether to drive or fly with your newborn- always choose flight.


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  1. Ohh that’s so precious!!!

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