our normal isn’t normal

As I sit here sipping my steaming chai latte, fourth caffeinated beverage of the day by the way, I find myself chuckling at our normal. 

We just ushered our social worker out the door a few minutes ago- as she came today to begin our post placement visits for the finalization of Regan’s adoption.  It’s funny that the majority of the population does not invite a random person into their home to “check up” on their newborn’s progress, and more importantly, their progress as parents.  But, for us,  it’s all we know. 

Thankfully, we love this lady- she’s sweet and kind and funny and we actually feel pretty attached (I even know how she takes her coffee), now that she’s been working with us for over a year.  And it might seem odd to us, to bring home a newborn and not have monthly meetings afterwards.  Sure, I’m not a fan of writing the check each time, but I really enjoy seeing our social worker…partly because I feel like she’s a friend and partly because I enjoy milestones- and her visits mark important time passing before the adoption is donesies.

So, one down and two to go.  Regan passed with flying colors.  He slept straight through it all.  Until next time.

almost 3 weeks old…


One response to “our normal isn’t normal

  1. Oh his little face has changed so much already!

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