the smiley face text

If you need to start at the beginning…part 1.

To boil it down to simplicity instead of dramatizing this part of our story (like I usually do), I will just say- Bart all of a sudden realized he didn’t know if I was “the one” and if I wasn’t, then he knew he shouldn’t be spending so much time with me.  He felt that it was wise to step away…which would have been fine, had he explained himself and not just fallen off the face of the planet.

I am pretty sure it was awkward for everyone involved.  But mostly, I was just really sad.  Even if he didn’t like me, I still loved our friendship and I really felt like I’d lost a friend- without knowing why.  When I went home for Christmas a few weeks later, I really gave him up.  It was good to be away for a few weeks and get perspective.

But the day after I arrived back in Jersey, Bart took me out to the boardwalk and apologized.  He never said anything about liking me- just that he knew he’d hurt my feelings by going “cold turkey” on our friendship and he never meant to cause me any pain.  I left the beach that day with a resolve that it was over, but I was okay.  If he wasn’t the one- then there would be one heck of a fantastic better guy out there waiting for me.

the boardwalk where we talked

There wasn’t.  He was it.  Less than three weeks later, in January 2006- I flew to Portland to be in a wedding on Mt. Hood.  On the morning that all of us girls were getting ready my phone dinged.  I looked and it was a text from Bart but all that appeared was a smiley face. 🙂  I looked at it for a split second before throwing my cell back on the bed and walking out the door.  I’m pretty sure my thought was literally- “huh and whatever” simultaneously.

A few days later, while awaiting my plane to return to Nj, I noticed I had a voicemail.  When I listened to it, I was a little surprised to hear Bart’s voice (we weren’t really calling each other at all).  Basically the entire message was spent asking me if I had some time when I got home, to talk.  I boarded the plane without returning his phone call and when I arrived at the curb, my roomie Jill was there to greet me.  She mentioned something about Bart wanting to talk to me- but honestly, I actually thought he wanted to tell me about this new evangalism group he was starting.

Just then my phone rang.  It was Bart.  I explained that I had Bible study that evening, so I probably couldn’t see him until afterwards.  He promptly explained it wouldn’t take long and begged for a few minutes.  When we pulled up to my house, I could see Bart on his balcony next door- obviously he had been waiting.  I think he literally ran down his stairs, grabbed my suitcase, bolted up my 3 flights of stairs to deposit it and told me to follow him.

to be continued…


One response to “the smiley face text

  1. You’re killin’ me. I’m sure that’s what Bart was thinking too when you told him that you had Bible study. ha! Can’t wait for the next part!

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