will you be my girlfriend?

If you missed it…here’s where to begin- part 1.

Totally unaware, I followed Bart into his house and he led me to his bedroom, a place I’d never been in.  He smoothed out the comforter on his bed (the only piece of furniture that fit in the his tiny room) and told me to sit.  Looking back, I know now that he was seriously nervous and had been anxiously awaiting my return for quite some time.

He then proceeded to tell me everything I’d always wanted to hear from a man, the man.  He told me that a few days earlier, the feelings for me that he had been fighting for a few months had come on even stronger and he had cried out for God to take them away if they weren’t right.  But then he heard “they are from me.”  Relief filled his heart and he was so pumped!  He didn’t know what to do so he called Dan and Jess, explained everything- they were super excited and asked him if he’d told me yet.

Bart knew he didn’t want to explain everything over the phone since I was out of town but he was so happy…the only thing he could think of was to text me a smiley face.

Sitting on his bed, I took it all in, every single word.  Needless to say I was shocked and my mind raced as I listened to his mouth move…hearing words like marriage and dating and you’re the one.  Surreal.  When he stopped talking, I stared at him…realizing that what I said next mattered hugely.  I didn’t want mess it up, after all, this was the moment I’d been waiting for.  So all I said was “this is good”.  Then I looked at the clock and stood up, explaining to Bart that I needed to go to bible study (it was at my apartment next door).

Ha!  Looking back I realize how utterly cruel it was of me to leave like that.  But I needed time to think and formulate the most amazing profession of my feelings back to him.  I didn’t doubt for a moment that he was the one, but I just cared about the words.  Dumb.  Anyway, after bible study was over (a grueling and painful 2 hours with my mind racing and no one knowing), I ran into my room and closed the door.  Two minutes later I heard stomping on our stairs, which could only mean Chris and inevitably Bart would be with him.  Ah!

But, that’s when I realized, it didn’t matter what I said.  I had found the guy!  So I walked out of my room, grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom and sat him down on the bed.  I have absolutely no idea what I said, but I do remember Bart asking if he could call me his girlfriend…and when we walked out into the living room to our friends, he, to be awkwardly funny- proudly announced “here’s my girlfriend.” hahaha… Cheers errupted and we looked up at my wooden sign on the wall that read “Someday my prince will come”.  It was covered with a white piece of paper that said “He came babyyyy!!!!!”

January 23rd marked a very special day in our calendar.  It was the beginning of Barista.

our first "outing" as a couple- emmy's pink 2nd bday party- January 30-ish

Our first Valentines day- a few weeks later...bart cooked for me for the first time

our first concert together (jeremy camp hehe)

to be continued…


2 responses to “will you be my girlfriend?

  1. Ahhh so cute!!!

  2. 🙂 I think that’s all that I can text too…er, I mean, comment. haha! Very cute!

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