Dear Josiah

Hey Buddy,

You are 16 months old this week…I can hardly believe it.  Wanna know something weird?  Right now, as I sit in the office typing you this letter, I can smell you.  Up until today, I didn’t realize you had your own scent…I mean, we all do, I know that- but it’s like I thought you had to grow up to gain a scent.  Pretty sure yours will change, since I think I’m smelling a mix between your drool and hair products- but it’s sweet to feel you near me, even when you’re not.

Oh Jos bear, you are so awesome.  Your personality is appearing more and more every day.  You make us laugh so much- and we can make you laugh at the drop of hat too.  You love to give hugs with “pats on the back” and kisses that sometimes involve your lips and other times just involve you leaning your head towards something or someone… and then pulling back up with that scrunchy fake grin followed by a giggle.  Oh, how I love you.  Last night when you woke up  crying in the night and I pulled you into my bed, you wanted to be so close to me that you laid on my face- cheek to cheek.  I am so blessed to be your mom.

I am so proud of you- you know where your nose is now and I am repeating all sorts of body parts in the hopes you’ll catch on to my little game, even though I’d rather move on to animal sounds.  ( I know I can move on, but the only animal you care about is dogs.)  We have also created an easy “trick” for you, to show off to your friends with…it consists of throwing both hands up in the air.  When we say “How big is Josi? or Praise Jesus or Touchdown” you get to answer all the same way…by throwing those hands up.

But your dancing, my boy, is my favorite.  You sway with slow music and rock out to fast beats…you twirl with one arm raised, you sorta jump, and the best is your stand up worm where your shoulders do the most amazing movement I’ve ever seen.  I saw a groupon last week for dance classes but you had to be 3…sorry bud, just a few more years.

You started walking awhile back but now we’ve discovered walking in the park.  It makes me realize how much you’re growing up- to see you in your vans, walking through the grass.  But I love that you still like to cuddle with me and that you still tentatively observe new territories before you engage.  And it’s so fun to watch you love on your little brother- we all love that he makes you smile.   Soon, you’ll make him smile…that’ll be the best.

Well my little dancing queen, I loving being your mama- what can I say?  And your block stacking skills are sickie!!  Pretty soon you’ll be beating me in tower building for sure.

Until then,


this is what you thought about your first apple cider we say love?

we love you josi


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