i was made for this

To start at the very beginning…part 1.

our wedding day at the beach

Ok. I admit, I am running out of steam on this series and thankful that this day is finally here- where I can stop the story. haha! 

Since our wedding was scheduled for noon, I got up early enough…nothing too crazy.  I think I dropped my sister off at the “getting ready house” first and then drove a few blocks over to pick up my out of town bridesmaids.  It was super blustery and cold but wasn’t raining, thankfully.  All of us got ready together, doing eachother’s makeup, hair…eating breakfast…yada yada. 

About two hours before the big event, Bart dropped by a letter for me.  I didn’t see him, but it was delivered to me and about 2 minutes into reading it, the tears started to flow.  He had taken the vows we had written and expounded upon them all.  Yes, I had to redo my makeup and yes, it was worth it.

We headed to the ceremony, got hitched and after a few hours of pictures we danced it up at our reception until a limo came and took us away!!  It was grand.  It was awesome.  The end.

The rest of this post is a smattering of random pictures from the day in no particular order.  Most have never been published…lucky you. ha

reading the letter from my soon-to-be-husband

bridesmaids and me walking into the ceremony

my parents favorite wedding guest...their first grandson aidan


 Happy Anniversary my love.  It’s been the best 5 years ever!!!!


One response to “i was made for this

  1. best 5 years of my life, thank you Jesus, thank you babydoll!

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