Dearest Regs,

I love you babydoll.  I can’t even believe 3 months have passed since I first met you.  But then sometimes it feels like I’ve known you forever.

I really love who you are Regan.  You are so completely different than your brother and it makes me glad; because I always want to remember to love you guys the way you need to be loved.  I am learning that you love to have me around- or anyone actually…and while you adore being held, you will often settle for holding my hand which is really precious.  Last night, when I was tired and we sat holding hands on the couch…it’s those moments I want to bottle up and store away forever.

You smile more than any baby I’ve ever met and you cry louder than any baby I’ve ever met.  I can already see your passion for life and I know God has great plans for you.  You will be a royal force to be reckoned with; we named you well, Regan Ocean.

Sometimes when I stare into your beautiful big brown eyes, I get overwhelmed.  I get to be your mommy, for always.  I get to comfort you and make you laugh and hold you tight.  You are so precious to me, such a gift.

Thanks little buddy, for falling asleep on my chest so many times…I am glad you let me hold you tight.  Your adoption is finalized this monday, so kiddo,  how does forever sound?

Love always,



2 responses to “Dearest Regs,

  1. Woohooooo!!!!

  2. “Forever” sounds amazing. 🙂 XO to you guys this holiday season.

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