a not so holidayish memo

Here’s where my mind is right now:

Why do “cookie exchanges” only happen near the holidays?  What would be so wrong about hosting a cookie exchange party in April?  I might.  And I may throw a home decorating party too…bring your ideas and let’s create!

How glad I am right now (as I start packing) that I will be able to do my kid’s laundry at my parents house when we stay there for 9 days!?  Otherwise, I fear we’d need 4 suitcases and a Uhaul to make it for that long as a family of 4.  Don’t worry- I’m only packing TWO suitcases…well, my husband calls one of them a duffle bag.

Tonite we watched Jim Carrey’s new movie- “Mr. Poppers Penguins” and when the credits started rolling, the song “Ice, Ice, Baby” started playing.  Josiah, as if on cue, started breaking it down SO AMAZINGLY…we’ve never seen his hips move like that…we were both dying!!!  And yes, I did try and video it after but there was no repeat performance.  alas.

I think I’m gonna take a ” blog” vacation here in a few days…all the big blogs do it…take some time off.

Is it bad to never turn off the Christmas lights in the house?  Mine are on 24/7.

Josiah’s tooth is growing out!  It almost looks like half a tooth already!  Woohoo!

I get to see my family really soon…like, in ONE FULL DAY…technically two since it’s not until saturday.  But I don’t count parts of days 🙂

I’ll leave you with a precious photo…an image I get to enjoy often, on these cold winter evenings…


One response to “a not so holidayish memo

  1. That photo makes me miss my “babies”!!
    how I wish I could feel the warmth of just one of my yummies resting on my shoulder once again! have a great time out west and have a most wonderful Christmas. We will miss you here. Lots of hugs and kisses from CT.
    Miss you all…

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