Dearest Joser

Hey little buddy…it’s been awhile since I’ve written to you…you’re 19 months old now!  In my mind you are my little baby but then I look at you and realize that potty training and sleeping in a big boy bed are right around the corner and I’m reminded that you are my very big boy…a true toddler.

We celebrated your second Christmas in style- at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  It was fun to watch you in awe of everyone else’s toys and then your drum was unwrapped.  Love at first sight.  Although, it rivaled with your new pjs that you exclaimed over about 20 times and kept coming back to admire…a boy after my own heart- loving his new clothes 🙂

My favorite part of the season was watching you enthralled with the toy manger scene that kept you perpetually dancing every time you touched the angel (Away in the Manger somehow sounded upbeat).  But I guess your little dances rivaled my love of watching the way you loved others so well.  You were/are so willing to give kisses and hugs and now that you can high five, bump, and shake hands…the world is your oyster kid…you have them eating out of your hand.

You are soooo fun to be around Jos.  I seriously just love to see what you’re going to do next…how even my cell phone ring song makes you break out in a little jig.  I love the way you get on your little reading kicks and bring me book after book to read you- how you scoot your little body right into my lap to listen.  I love the way you laugh at the dumbest things I do…like our morning ritual of “freezing” the hot eggos for 40 seconds- even my countdown makes you chuckle.  You are good for me…when no one else thinks I’m funny, you do.

So dude, it’s 2012- and since I’m not setting any goals for myself…perhaps I’ll make a list for you…really for me, for you- no pressure:

-Introduce Play-doh.  Gain basic knowledge: don’t eat, just play with it.

-Focused coloring sessions: perhaps your first coloring book is in order.

-Lots of dance parties…with all your new instruments.

-More Bible reading: nightly.

-Speaking of nightly: tooth brushing!!!

-Potty training and say bye-bye to your crib…

-Conquering the beach without eating all the sand.

-Crafts, stickers, glue…these are a few of my favorite things!

-Grow your hair out all year long.

-Learn words, lots of words…and tricks…

-Tame the beast- aka: learn to ride on brinks’ back.

-Teach your bro to crawl, walk and talk.

-Cook dinner once a week.

-Clean all the bathrooms weekly…  okay…. I’m getting a little out of hand- gotta save a few goals for next year, right?  But seriously Josiah…2012 is going to be big for you kiddo.  I know it.  You are going to change so much, and that’s okay- as long as you don’t stop our morning hug time.

Love you a million new years goals,

Mommeeeeeeeeeee (I like how you say my name right now)


One response to “Dearest Joser

  1. Thank you for giving me a peek into your heart and your journey as a parent. I grasp every little bit of wisdom like it’s gold. XO

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