a reply

Well.  I thought I needed to reply to a few of the last comments because I actually have no idea if I clicked reply on your comment if it would actually ever make it to you.  So…here is a rather unusual post- a rather personalized post if you will.

1. Heidi M…can’t wait to find out what you’re having- woohoo!!  And I bought the magnetic fabric letters from the Etsy shop- Beyond the Seam.

2. Beth C…thanks for always being a faithful reader…and always reminding me that you are one.  I love it!  Now…I would like to say I’m a faithful reader of your blog- but oh wait, you haven’t updated since…well, I’m not sure. 🙂 heheh

3.  Katchen W.  I completely agree.  Your blog is in my google reader and everytime I read your posts I think “darn it” why didn’t we hang out more?!  Geez.  Well, at least I know I’ve got a kindred spirit in socal if we ever move.

4.  Erin S.  I know I already thanked you in my last post…but I just thought you should know: you inspire me.

5. Erica S.  I just remembered you asked for a pic of that winter decor thingee- still want it?  Text me.  And, I love you.

Allrighty- that about covers it.  And if anyone wants to comment on this post; I will be doing one more reply follow-up.  I promise.

With love,



3 responses to “a reply

  1. Yes I want it 🙂 and I love you too!

  2. Reply to me! (even though I’ll see you in a couple of hours)

  3. I read you! I read you! I read you! Faithfully every post, but you’re in my Google Reader feed so I rarely jump over to comment. My bad.

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