motherhood confessional time.

Yep, it’s that time again.  I realized it’s been too long without showing the “real” mothering that is going on behind this screen.  Preface:  I love my boys.

My 5 month old baby sleeps on a pillow, and he is covered with a down comforter.  I waited until Josi was 18 months old to put a pillow in his crib…but the second one- well, whatever works is my motto.

Josiah got a bath the day before we left for Christmas vaca- Dec. 16.  His next bath took place the second week of January.  I do have to say his hair looked amazing- not frizzy and he actually didn’t smell.  I also realize those are not good reasons for withholding a bath from my eldest son.

I cut all of Regan’s baby fuzz hair off.

I have been trying to capitalize on Josiah’s desire to help…by teaching him how to clean up his brother’s spit up and comforting him when he cries…next stop: diaper changing. 🙂

Poor Regan often wears the same polarfleece sleeper for days at a time.

Every single time I go to the bathroom now, I sing an annoying one word song for Jos that goes like this “potty, potty, potty…”  But I figure, my one hit wonder worked for “clean up” because now he totally puts away his toys when I sing the clean up song…which sounds more like an annoying chant “clean up, clean up, clean up.”  Yes, I am desperately looking forward to a potty trained child- can you tell?

When I feed Regan in the middle of the night, I prop the bottle up slightly and then simulataneously change his diaper- all while never moving him from his crib and almost all in the dark.  I think actually this is more of a talent than a confession bc I am very proud of my multi-tasking skills.

Sometimes I think about buying a fake hand or even just a set of plastic fingers so Regs doesn’t notice when I leave him alone.

Ever since Regan joined our family, Josiah has been fed finger food- actually it’s more like he is forced to eat everything with his fingers, even if it’s not considered finger food- hehe.  And I’ve been too lazy to teach him how to use a spoon.  I am thinking about offering extra $ to our babysitter if she gives him lessons.

Some days I thank God for the Johnny Jump-up multiple times.

I actually allowed Jos to watch Clifford episodes for almost 2 hours this week.  I told myself “I’m testing his attention span and building it up.” heheh

I really enjoy reading books to my son…but after about the tenth one sometimes I start just flipping the pages and actually saying the words “blah blah blah”.  Okay, sometimes I start that on the 3rd book…and to think, I was an elementary school teacher. *gasp*

And as promised…my replies…

Sally K.- Thanks for putting me in your google reader- that gives me nice warm fuzzies inside.  You’re nice to still like me, even tho I got a little cuckoo in college.  Now, when is a mini red-headed Sally joining the fam? hint hint

Eliza Joy- Sometimes I think it’s funny that you read my blogs bc there must be so much repeat.  Like over the last week I’m pretty sure I told you every single one of these confessions.  But, I do have you to thank for the final push/inspiration to start this blog in the first place…I’m just wondering if I need to give you some gentle shoving down your road to emmaus.  After we learn to crochet. k?

Last but certainly not least- Happy Birthday to the world’s most amazing birthmom on the planet.  We are praying for you and hope you feel God’s love today, on your special day.  Lots of love!!


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