playing with barbies

Playing with barbie dolls was not something I was allowed to do growing up.  Something to do with getting a wrong view of women, not a healthy one that is…and probably because my dad was the king of overprotective.  Now that I’m a parent, I get it a little bit.  Anyway, I remember always being enthralled with barbies- at other people’s houses.  And I didn’t really care about “playing” barbies as much as I just loved to dress them and do their hair.


I found polyvore online a few years ago but back then it wasn’t very polished and user-friendly so I quickly lost interest.  Then, along came pinterest and I started seeing clothing sets from polyvore popping up all over.  I jumped over to the old site one evening and punched in my username…wondering if it would even remember me.  Sure enough, I got right in.

And in I have stayed.  The other night Bart rolled his eyes for the hundredth time when he saw that I was on polyvore again and explained it perfectly- “it’s like grown-up version of barbies”.  I laughed and agreed.  The best part about it is I can put together all kinds of outfits…for fun, for other people (i’ve started dressing my friends hehe)…the sky’s the limit.  It’s so easy- you just type in “grey cardigan” and about a hundred grey cardis show up, ready to be thrown on a “board”.  Or you could choose a pretty dress and accessorize the rest of it…what’s hilarious is when I click on items sometimes and see a shirt that costs thousands of dollars- it really is another world…sooo entertaining.  And yes, I’m 32.

Here are some of my favorite boards so far…

casual winter
winter randomness
yellow rain boots
I have also made some fun “home decor” boards that I’ll post later.  You can follow my obsession on my pinterest board where I publish all my fun polyvore creations.  Or not.

3 responses to “playing with barbies

  1. Love the outfits – will you dress me! LOL!

  2. I HEART “casual winter.” Nice work.

  3. Yeah, ditto on Kathleen! If you get bored… : )

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