design a room

As promised, here are some of my Polyvore boards for the home.  It is seriously SO easy to create these fun works of art.  The internet is SO full of pictures- the sky’s the limit..or rather, not the limit.

After I get tired of making home boards of everything I like, I am going to start making ones that aren’t exactly my taste- to change it up a bit…so if these ones aren’t your style- just wait.  And leave a comment if there’s a room/color scheme you want me to try for ya!

Maybe that means this will become a regular posting deal.  I think if I could make these boards for people as a part-time job; it would be sweet…but alas, this is just for fun!

Side note #1: If you want to find any of these items on the internet- just click below the board and it should lead you to the sources via polyvore.

Side not #2: Please excuse the weird look..i haven’t been able to figure out how to make the smaller to fit the blog page.

Master Bedroom greys
Orange Living Room
fresh baby


Josiah's a big boy
Kitchen/Dining Ocean

One response to “design a room

  1. LOVE. love. love.
    You can make me a Family Room using the couch we have (at least the color…light beige 🙂 ). Your style is like mine…kind of rustic. Loved the lighting you had in the second room above. Love to incorporate lime green, chocolate…even weather grey maybe?

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