a little sunshine in my pocket

I’ve sat down probably too many mornings to count, with the intention of writing a stream of conciousness post about waking up for the day…or rather, should I say, being woken up.  But I am glad that this morning I am actually following thru.

I am happy that I am writing this morning because it’s the first time in 5 months that I woke up before my dearest little son.  Yes, he slept thru the entire night.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to cuddle him this morning- as if I was on a high…and then I realized, it was a sleep-thru-the-night high.   *side note here- he is sick, so this may have been a fluke but i’m claimin’ it today!*

I feel alive this morning.

I should offer a little background about the week I had…but I’ll just sum it up with a few phrases…very sick toddler…way more snotties than i’ve ever seen soak thru my shirt as he laid on me many hours…middle of the night coughing fits…sick husband who was just as helpless for several days…followed by regan and I getting sick at the same time…ugh ugh ugh.

Even if I hadn’t had the week from um, down under; I’d be psyched about Regan’s latest feat…however, after said week; it’s like THE BEST GIFT ON THE PLANET.  Especially since I’d been dreading Bart’s work trip this week, as I’d be left alone with one recovering toddler and a poor sick baby with no back-up.

It’s amazing what one night will do.  Hope.  Light at the end of the tunnel.  It tastes like the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had…and  better than a shopping spree.

And whether this is the first of many or just a fluke…I will relish it.  I will drink it up like fresh mountain spring water and perhaps tuck a little bit of this feeling away in my pocket for a tough morning; so I can remember the beauty of a full night’s sleep.

Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Regan.

*special side note:  While I realize 5 months is a normal amount of time for a baby to acquire the ability to sleep thru the nite…Jos did it in 2 months- so it’s all about what you’re used to :)*

4 responses to “a little sunshine in my pocket

  1. Hehe Go little man! Way to make your momma proud! 😉

  2. thanks for taking care of all of us the past week! You’re the best super-mom/wife around 😉

  3. deedee beckstrom

    Yay! It’s amazing what a little sleep can do for ya…

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