I’ve never been one who collects very well.

In high school and college I collected those colored glass bottles with corks and thought that one day I’d be able to display hundreds of them on a high windowsill in my home…but eventually I got tired of toting them through each move and ended up selling the whole lot at a garage sale five years ago.  Wanna know who bought them?  A cute little mom who said they’d be perfect for her son’s science experiment-themed 9th birthday.  All that collecting ended up as a whoppin $9 party decor.  Alas.

Anyway, last week I announced to Bart that I was starting a collection.  I am now a collector of ceramic/porcelain measuring spoons.  However, I’m not sure how many one has to acquire before declaring themselves a collector…rather, do people actually make such declarations?  Shh, don’t answer that.  My husband thought I was crazy but then shrugged his shoulders- his way of saying “whatever honey”.  At least I had make it clear.  I am a collector now, even though I only own three sets of ceramic measuring spoons.

All this to say- if you ever see cute non-tacky sets of spoons…let me know!  While the first two sets were given to me (thanks mom), I actually recently purchased my third set– from one of my favorite stores (west elem) during a stellar sale.  My next purchase might be these beauties from world market, since my other two sets are very colorful…like these:

I am quite proud of myself for picking something so random and useless to collect.  I secretly kinda want to be one of those little old women who has shelves full of salt and pepper shakers or teapots.  I mean, seriously, what does one do with that many of one thing?  Nothing.  The joy is in the searching, in the discovery…in each simple acquisition.

So here’s hopin’ that one day my kids will have to figure out what to do with a hundred sets of ceramic measuring spoons…that is, if I don’t ask to be buried with them.

Hehe, just kidding.

Well, kinda.


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