wooed by washi

How does one spell “wooed” anyway?  I suppose I could spell check.

Washi tape is my latest obsession.

no this isn't my collection. i wish it was.

What’s washi tape you might ask?

It’s just pretty tape.

At first, I thought the stuff was pretty cute, but not that useful.  Then I started Smashing…and found it to be super fun and easy to use.  Then I found this amazing etsy shop where you can buy it by the foot…and well, if you know me- you know that a. I like a deal and b. I like to try stuff out…so this is the perfect solution to my obsession.

Not only is washi tape fun for scrapbooking-ish things…it’s also fun for decorating envelopes and packages to mail…making magnets and banners and all sorts of art.


**These are not my creations…and I hope I uploaded them correctly, so if you click on them they give proper credit but…I am still learning…


One response to “wooed by washi

  1. Thanks so much!!! Love it:)

    Le Box Boutique

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